5 ideas for building good relations with the customers of the Web store

Building good relationships with e-commerce store customers is not an easy task. These days, e-commerce is growing faster than ever! More and more often the consumers do on-line shopping and the market is constantly growing, since new competitors enter the market. So what can you do to create good relationships with your customers and become their first choice? Below there are 5 ideas for actions that will help you to build your customers’ loyalty.

Thank the customers for their first shopping!

The customer has decided to pick up your store from amongst the whole range of competitive stores – express your appreciation. Sending an e-mail message alone may not be enough in this case – let’s make an appointment, it has already become standard. Be one step ahead and attach a personalised gift to the customer’s first purchase. It can be a small chocolate bar or a box of assorted chocolates with hand-written thanks, signed with your logo.  The positive impression of being unexpectedly given a sweet gift will remain for a long time in the customer’s memory.


Encourage your customer to do further shopping with personalized discounts!

If you have already successfully encouraged customers to do shopping in your store, now it is time to make them to make consecutive transactions. A good idea is to send your customer a discount coupon for his/her next purchase together with the first order. We recommend that you do it in a sweet manner: with a voucher that comes along with a sweet gift. It is hard to remain indifferent to such a message!


Remember about special occasions!

Each of us celebrates at least one day of the year when we just want to feel special. It can be a birthday, name day, Women’s Day, or even Children’s Day (let’s be honest, gifts on such occasions are only more enjoyable with age :) ). The choice of an occasion to send a gift should be consistent with your business profile. For instance, if you run a toy store and your customers are mainly parents, choose to send gifts on the occasion of Mom and Dad Day. Or do you a wedding accessories showroom? Make sure that you put down your customers’ wedding dates! Anniversaries are also important events. Celebrate important moments with your customers. A box of truffles in the shape of a piece of cake in a package designed by you can be very a great help in celebrations!


Develop your own loyalty program!

Building customer loyalty implies also motivating them to act! One of the most interesting models of loyalty programs is to invite new customers to do shopping in our store by the existing ones. Prepare personalized codes with discounts for new customers. Then inform existing customers about the program. You can do it in an original manner, for example with sweet chocolates! Attach the sweets in the package of your choice. It should contain personalized codes that your customer can share with their friends, just like sweets :)


Respond swiftly to crises

We simply do not have any influence on some of the stages of order execution. Delays of the courier company, parcel damage in transport or a mix-up involving parcels do happen from time to time. Every time it is a big inconvenience for the customer. Your role in such a situation is not only to address the issue quickly, but also to make the customer quickly forget about it. A tested method to do that is sweet compensation for damage or loss. Send your customer a huge bar of chocolate – after all, when eating such sweets, it is hard not to think of the sender in a nice way!



Being Sweet Gifts (“Słodkie Upominki”) we help our customers to build good business relationships every day. We shall be happy to help you to choose the best gifts for your customers and then personalize them exactly the way you want expect – we will choose the graphics for the packaging, the taste of the chosen product and even the shape! Get in touch with us and we will help you to surprise your customers in a positive manner.