Ekspansja na rynki Zatoki Perskiej marki SLODKIE

We are a manufacturer of personalised advertising sweets. We have our own Chocolate Shop, Caramel Shop, printing and packing machines, 3D and graphic studios. Hence, we can offer you unique products, individual projects created exclusively for you, or personalised packaging.

When ordering from us, you have a guarantee of freshness and a long expiration date, as we start production after the order is placed.

You can read more about SLODKIE in the ABOUT US tab.

Do you work at an Advertising Agency? Are you looking for promotional sweets for your customers?


Find out about the benefits of working with SLODKIE:

permanent discount

  • you get a permanent 20% distributor discount on all products, thanks to which you can give your customers a low-price offer


a dedicated advisor

  • free trainings and tastings
  • support at every stage of the order
  • personalised product suggestions
  • security and loyalty – your client will remain your client :)

free graphic design

  • free graphic design for your client
  • projects with agency data only (without manufacturer’s data)
  • free product grids
  • product compositions in accordance with current regulations

manufacturing flexibility

  • the possibility of creating a new product for your client
  • the ability to change the product or packaging of a catalogue product
Indywidualny Projekt


  • free product samples
  • materials for websites in XML format
  • a bank of product photos at your disposal
  • several offers of ready-made graphic collections for the season
  • NO NAME catalogues (without the SLODKIE logo)
  • NO NAME website with products (without the SLODKIE logo)
  • NO NAME newsletter drafts with space for your details
Indywidualny Projekt

full logistic service of orders

  • shipping according to address tables directly to the customer or to multiple addresses (e.g. to branches)
  • NO NAME shipping (without the SLODKIE data)
  • online order tracking

Do you want to know more details?

Email us: [email protected]