Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental protection is our priority. As one of the European leaders in the advertising sweets industry, we constantly implement various pro-ecological solutions, not only in terms of the product, but also in the production process itself in our factory.

Environmental protection is our priority. As one of the European leaders in the advertising sweets industry, we constantly implement various pro-ecological solutions, not only in terms of the product, but also in the production process itself in our factory.

We have been awarded a platinum medal by EcoVadis, the world’s most trusted sustainability rating agency. This is a unique distinction that has secured our place in the elite 1% of top companies evaluated by EcoVadis. The assessment covered areas such as environment, labor and human rights, business ethics and sustainable purchasing.

Every day, small and large decisions made by each of us have an impact on the environment. Working in harmony with nature is an investment in our common future. There are many possibilities in this area today: from recycling and selecting biodegradable packaging, to the change of consumer habits, and the mission and priorities of companies or institutions. Each of us can contribute to supporting a healthy, green planet.

How do we do it at SLODKIE?

Our pro-ecological activity involves a number of activities in four key areas:


At SLODKIE we constantly work on the cleanest ingredients and the shortest ingredient lists for our sweets, because we know how much our customers appreciate it and because it is equally important to us. As a result, as the only one in the industry, we can offer chocolates and pralines that come fully from sustainable sources and are certified by the Cocoa Horizons Foundation.

Cocoa Horizons

The Cocoa Horizons certifies that, the ingredients used into production are originate from sustainable cocoa cultivation and upholding ethical practices.

We are proud to introduce to our offer NXT chocolate, 100% plant-based, free of allergens and even trace amounts of dairy products. We have developed a proprietary line of caramel products with the addition of fruit, herbs, flowers, as well as honey with bee pollen and an innovative variant of caramels, in which we reduced the sugar content by 25% and significantly increased the fiber content!


There is no place for palm oil in our production! For years we have been successfully replacing it with the sunflower variant and olive oil. Running a craft caramel shop, we produce caramels and lollipops without artificial flavors, dyes or preservatives, focusing on what is healthy, tasty, and, most importantly, all natural!


Not only the product, but also the working conditions and technological processes undergo gradual changes in SLODKIE. What are we doing to improve our business in an ecological spirit? First of all, we take care to reduce electricity by replacing lighting with LEDs and installing appropriate motion sensors. So far, we have managed to reduce energy consumption by as much as 80%!


The heat generated during production is recovered and reused to heat our buildings. And that’s not over yet. From January 2023, we only produce positive energy, i.e. energy that is renewable. IT’S 100% GREEN ENERGY! It is obtained from wind, solar, hydro and biogas energy. This is a very important change for us in the times of the climate crisis. Minimising the carbon footprint and respecting the natural environment have become our priorities in the fight for a better tomorrow.

However, we do not stop there – thanks to the installation of aerators, we are also able to reduce water consumption by as much as 60%!


Another important pillar of our pro-ecological activity is taking care of waste segregation and functioning in the spirit of zero waste. In our company, you will find not only bins marked with appropriate icons, but also colorful bags, which additionally facilitate the proper segregation of garbage. In order to reduce the waste generated in our production, we recycle some raw materials or semi-finished products. We also reduce residues from the plastics used and we cooperate with external companies that recycle unused packaging. Moreover, we select alternative waste recipients to recycle the remaining products. We also use reusable plastic pallets on a daily basis, which are not only convenient, but also better for our planet.

Too Good To Go

In line with the zero waste principle, we also make sure that small amounts of surplus products from production processes are not wasted. Therefore, we have implemented the sale of them through a dedicated application – To Good To Go.

An important aspect in our eco-friendly approach are the materials used and the entire process of responsible logistics. Do you know that by ordering our products, you will receive them protected with completely biodegradable fillers and eco-type film 100% from recycling and then 100% recycled? This, of course, is not all! We went a step further and use paper adhesive tapes in our production!

We have also been cooperating with the so-called “Green carriers”. What does it mean? We choose companies that place particular emphasis on reducing CO2 emissions and deliver our sweets in an environmentally neutral manner. Our technologists are constantly working on reducing the consumption of plastic in packaging as much as possible. Where plastic is required for food safety reasons, we use plastic that is 80% recycled. Each product from our wide range of sweets is offered in the BIO variant of the compostable foil.

We Care

Interestingly, we have long been the first in Europe to offer lollipops only with paper sticks, which our regular customers love! All our paper packaging has the international FSC certificate, which guarantees that the raw material comes from controlled cutting or recycling.



The last, but no less important aspect of our eco-approach is the spread of ecological trends. For many years, we have had a bicycle parking lot for our employees on the premises of the company. Besides the fact that we only work with green suppliers, and we have also changed our own transport cars to electric ones!

We also try to help the smallest and defenseless inhabitants of our planet. Small inhabitants of our planet will find a home on the company’s premises in the autumn and winter period. In this difficult period for them, birds and hedgehogs will find shelter and food here. Due to the fact that we produce caramel on site, despite our best intentions, we cannot set up hives for bees. However, in order to support these extremely useful insects, in the spring we hand out flower meadow seeds to our customers and employees. The flowers of the honeybee meadow provide food for many bees. It is enough to plant them in a pot on the balcony or terrace to help us together.

For many years, we have also been collecting caps, which are then donated to charity, and at the same time recycled, respecting the natural environment.

We are open to the next green changes because we all have one home. It is ... the Earth!

In SLODKIE you will find not only a forest of ideas, but you will also help to plant a real one! From January 2022, we support the Las na Zawsze Foundation, whose mission is to secure the future of forests. For each order placed, we plant 1 m2 of forest. We believe that together we can prevent climate change.

Las na zawsze

Will you join our green revolution?