Pro-ecological activities and social responsibility

Pro-ecological activities and social responsibility

As a European leader in the advertisement sweets industry we are constantly implementing various environmentally friendly solutions, both for our products and the production processes in our facilities.

Environmental Protection

As one of the leading companies in the advertising sweets industry in Europe we are aware of the negative impact of economic development on the environment. Therefore we make every effort to minimise these dangers in our daily operations and to base all of our business decisions on the environment in which we operate. Recognising the principles of sustainable development, we support ecological solutions and strive for harmonious coexistence with the environment.
Each of our sweet gifts is takes part in many long-standing activities, including:

  • heating buildings with heat recovered from the manufacturing process,
  • significantly reducing the use of water by installing tap inserts,
  • segregating and recycling waste,
  • planting trees,
  • continuously replacing old lighting with LED lighting,
  • our future plan to install photovoltaic panels,
  • upgrading our vehicle fleet to newer models which emit less CO2.

We are sure that with these small well thought out steps we will be able to change the world for the better.

When designing new products we always keep in mind the safety and optimum storage conditions of our sweets. Additionally, we always try to minimise the use of non-organic packaging materials:

  • our products now have the option of packaging foil that is 100% biodegradable and therefore safe for the environment!
  • we also offer some sweets in packaging that helped us to reduce the use of foil by 65% by replacing plastic with paper,
  • we are constantly reducing the amount of foil we use and replacing it with paper, either 100% recycled paper, or FSC certified paper packaging, (FSC certification means using sources from controlled logging or recycling in order to protect forest ecosystems and prevent forest degradation),
  • with one of our most popular products, lollipops, we replaced the plastic sticks with paper ones,
  • we are constantly working to ensure that our product labels are “clean” by eliminating synthetic flavours and colours so that the ingredients list becomes shorter,
  • our chocolate products have received UTZ certification for using sourcing which ensures sustainable development of the agriculture and food processing industries and guarantees that high ethical and ecological standards are maintained in the production of raw materials!
  • as the only company in the advertising sweets industry in Poland, we have successfully passed the audit and received the FSC® certificate. It means that materials used for products have been responsibly sourced.
    Działania proekologiczne i społeczna odpowiedzialność.

Social responsibility

For us, social responsibility is not only a philosophy, but also a company’s daily activities. We regularly engage in initiatives supporting the activities of foundations that help various institutions eg.:

  • Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Zwierząt – Otwocki Zwierzyniec
  • Fundacja Boksery w Potrzebie
  • SOS Uczelnie Schroniskom
  • Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy

We strive to create an exceptional and friendly workplace that offers the opportunity to expand the professional qualifications of our employees. In our team we want to build positive relationships through open communication and mutual respect:

  • we reward innovation from within through the Active Workforce Program, rewarding our commitment and desire to build our common success,
  • we created a library for employees to give books a second life,
  • as part of the #SuperBohater campaign, we support medical services that fight with COVID-19 by sending them a huge endorphin shot in the Mega Bar – a big chocolate bar with delicious extras!
  • we started the #MyDlaPlanety campaign, introducing pro-ecological solutions in our company and encouraging employees to such behavior.