As a European leader in the advertisement sweets industry we are constantly implementing various environmentally friendly solutions, both for our products and the production processes in our facilities.

Environmental Protection

As one of the leading companies in the advertising sweets industry in Europe we are aware of the negative impact of economic development on the environment. Therefore we make every effort to minimise these dangers in our daily operations and to base all of our business decisions on the environment in which we operate. Recognising the principles of sustainable development, we support ecological solutions and strive for harmonious coexistence with the environment.
Each of our sweet gifts is takes part in many long-standing activities, including:

We are sure that with these small well thought out steps we will be able to change the world for the better.

When designing new products we always keep in mind the safety and optimum storage conditions of our sweets. Additionally, we always try to minimise the use of non-organic packaging materials:

Social responsibility

For us, social responsibility is not only a philosophy, but also a company’s daily activities. We regularly engage in initiatives supporting the activities of foundations that help various institutions eg.:

We strive to create an exceptional and friendly workplace that offers the opportunity to expand the professional qualifications of our employees. In our team we want to build positive relationships through open communication and mutual respect: