Ekspansja na rynki Zatoki Perskiej marki SLODKIE

We are introducing first 100% vegan advertising sweets in Poland

Meet our brand new products made of 100% vegan NXT Dairy Free chocolate! Advertising dairy-free milk sweets appeared on the Polish market for the first time.

The new vegan line of NXT chocolates meets the highest standards in the industry. Unlike other vegan chocolates, the NXT Dairy Free range doesn’t even contain traces of dairy, soy, nuts and gluten. In addition to high-quality cocoa, it also has an alternative to milk obtained from the chufa plant, also known as tiger nut. This ingredient is characterized by extraordinary creaminess, rich taste and delicacy, which makes it an ideal substitute for cow’s milk.

Currently, the offer includes five products based on NXT Dairy Free chocolate: Vista Chocolate, 20 g Chocolate Card, Mini Modern Bar Chocolate, 70 g Chocolate Envelope, and Chocolate Bites in a set or individual plates.

We encourage you to get interested in our vegan novelty!