About the company

We are a PRODUCER of advertising sweets, and our CHOCOLATE and CARAMEL SHOPS produce the widest range of advertising sweets in Europe. SLODKIE products have successfully participated in the campaigns of the LARGEST WORLD BRANDS since 2004.


We sell over 600 products, ranging from chocolates and cookies, through candies, lollipops, chewing gum, to hand-made pralines and truffles. Each of the sweets has its own range of flavors, colors and packaging, giving you an almost endless combination of options. And at the customer’s request, we create a fully personalized product not only in terms of packaging, form or color, but also taste and filling.

We know that positive emotions are just as important as excellent market performance, and there are countless reasons to celebrate:

For a successful business deal!
For fruitful cooperation!
For another achievement!

In SLODKIE you will find sweets for every occasion.


We approach each project individually, trying to understand the expectations and business goals of our partners in the best possible way. And what is important – we provide a comprehensive service:

And if you are looking for a CUSTOM solution, talk to our advisor!
With us, personalization is not only a logo on the packaging, but also an individual shape, any flavor or color of your desired candy, and even marking directly on a chocolate or a lollipop!

What differentiates us from others is our the ability to create ANY, new… and delicious PRODUCT that meets your needs! Do you want the product to be amusing, touching or surprising? Or maybe you dreamed that we would cast your logo or the product you sell from chocolate? It is possible with us!


Our products are made of the best available raw materials and using modern technologies.

They have internationally recognised certificates that prove their quality and safety.

WE ARE A PRODUCER, therefore:
  • We make caramel and pour the chocolate especially for your order
  • you get the freshest product with the longest shelf life
  • we print all packaging in the house, we have the whole process under control, thanks to which we offer quick delivery times!
  • We are constantly working to ensure that the labels of our products are “clean” and their ingredient lists are getting shorter and shorter, so we can offer, among others, certified vegan products with no dairy, gluten or artificial preservatives.


Chocolate is our specialty! For 25 years we have been associated with the BELGIAN CHOCOLATE Barry Callebaut. We produce TOP GOURMET couvertures, i.e. those used by Belgian craftsmen, because we put the DELICIOUS TASTE AND THE HIGHEST QUALITY first.

Cocoa Horizons

All our chocolates and praline fillings come from sustainable sources, which is confirmed by Cocoa Horizons Certificates.


Which one is your choice? We produce chocolate sweets from?

  • MILK from the Ivory Coast, Ghana and Ecuador
  • DARK with 54% cocoa according to the century-old recipe of Octaafa Callebaut
  • DARK with 72.5% cocoa and the dominant flavor of roasted beans
  • RUBY made of unique, red cocoa beans, without the addition of dyes or fruit aromas
  • HONEY with the addition of natural honey
  • CARAMEL with a pinch of salt
  • innovative NXT Plant Based chocolate, without a trace of dairy products, allergens and any animal products
  • WHITE with 36% cocoa butter, according to the iconic hundred-year-old recipe by Olaaf Callebaut
  • DARK 72% cocoa WITHOUT ADDED SUGAR- and any mixed variants


Our Caramel Shop produces only natural products: no preservatives, artificial flavors or dyes.
We offer our caramels and lollipops in four variants:

  • with sugar
  • low in sugar and high in fiber
  • no sugar
  • with the addition of pieces of fruit, herbs and flower petals

The full range of our caramels is available from min. 25 kg. The color and taste of lollipops and candies can be adapted to the product, brand or recipient promoted by you. We have several dozen flavors at our disposal, and at your request, we can develop new ones!


Product packaging is an excellent medium for your advertising. We will be happy to assist you in choosing and designing your perfect packaging.

Only give us your logotype and important elements of visual identification. If you don’t have them, that’s okay! Our creative team of graphic designers will propose you a solution! FOR FREE. 😊 You can also send us a finished project.

SLODKIE projekt

And the packaging itself? Thanks to an extensive park of printing machines, we can offer you a wide selection of packaging. We can also create a packaging especially for you. Each of our products is created with a sense of high priority for ecology.

Find out more about our eco activities! – THINK GREEN