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About the company

SLODKIE  is a European leader in the manufacture of confectionery advertising. Using the latest technologies we design and produce sweets, sweet advertizing gadgets, and chocolate gifts which are an element in promotional campaigns of companies around the world. We utilze the highest production standards and integrated quality control systems to supply the market with superior products.

in 2020 we have successfully passed an audit and obtained the International Featured Standard certificate (IFS Food) which guarantees that our products are manufactured, packed and distributed in accordance with the highest international food safety standards.

SLODKIE specialize in designing, manufacturing, and packaging advertising sweets and sweet gadgets – includes about 300 products ranging from candies, dragees, pastilles, chewing gum, lollipops through to cookies, chocolates, and finally to hand-made pralines and truffles. Our confectionery catalogue for companies with items on which they may place their logos is continuously being updated and expanded with new designs and solutions. All the products available in our catalogue have been, from start to finish, designed, manufactured, or packaged by us. Such comprehensive customer service is possible because our company has its own machine park for manufacturing packaging and packing sweets and sweet gadgets, our own machine park for printing (pad printing, flexo printing, digital printing), our own 3D studio equipment to produce our unique kind of chocolate molds for casting chocolate, and our own production line for chocolate. All the gifts we have on offer are great advertising gadgets for the most demanding customers.

Environmental protection is our priority. As one of the European leaders in the advertisement sweets industry, we constantly implement various environmentally friendly solutions, not only regarding the product but also the production process in our factory.

When designing new products, we have in mind the safety of our sweets and their optimum storage conditions. However, we always remember about minimizing the non-organic packaging materials. We have an enormous pleasure to inform you that:

  • our offer has been supplemented with products packed in a foil that is 100% biodegradable, and therefore safe for the environment!
  • we also offer small sweets in packagings in which we managed to reduce the use of foil by 65% by replacing plastic with paper;
  • we constantly reduce the amount of foil used, replacing it with paper, including 100% recycled paper, and the paper packaging offered by us is FSC certified, which means that the paper comes from controlled logging or recycling. FSC label on the packaging guarantees responsible use of the world’s forest resources;
  • we replaced plastic sticks for lollipops, so popular among our customers, with paper ones;
  • we constantly work to ensure that our product labels are “clean”, and their compositions become shorter by eliminating synthetic flavours and colours;
  • and our chocolate products received the UTZ certificate which ensures sustainable development of the agriculture and food processing industries and guarantees that high ethical and ecological standards are maintained in the production of raw materials!

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